Do You Know What Online Rummy Is All About?

People may say that Online Rummy is all about the game or it is all about the site that is hosting the game or that it is about people playing and winning. While all these definitions are true and absolutely applicable, the underlying basis of online rummy at least on sites like Classic Rummy is […]

April 17, 2014

What Does Your Rummy Card Game Style Say About You?

Each person plays rummy in their own style and the style that you play in says a lot about you. Indian rummy goes beyond a mere game; for some it is almost a passion and an obsession and for others it is a way to let off steam at the end of a long and […]

April 11, 2014

Avoid The Pitfalls Of Online Rummy Games – Find Out How?

Pitfalls of playing online rummy? Surely, there is none, you think. While this is true to a larger extent when you are playing on a quality site like Classic Rummy, there could be some negative aspects that could come out of the game depending on your approach. Here are some of the typical pitfalls and […]

April 04, 2014

Learn To Quicken Your Thought Process By Playing Rummy Card Games!

Yes! This is true, playing rummy does improve your power of thinking and also speeds it up. Let us see how this works; you have joined an online rummy site to play rummy, say Classic Rummy. Then you start playing once you have completed the formalities. At each step of the Rummy Online Game, you […]

March 28, 2014

Skills, Cards And Many Prizes Make Up The Rummy Card Game!

What is the composition of a rummy card game? Why, it is made up of the cards of course, as the name itself suggests, one would think. Right? Yes, but that is not all. Just because cards are used to play Indian rummy does not mean that is all there is in the game. In […]

March 24, 2014

If Rummy Games Are All About Skill, Then Why Do Good Players Lose

You must have read this statement several times that rummy games are all about skills and that is why the courts have allowed the game to be played for cash. If that is the case, then how come really skilled players of the 13 cards rummy game often lose the game? We are sure this […]

March 13, 2014

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